Site With No Real Place

January 28, 2020

Solo Exhibition 

Opens Wed 29 Jan 2020




Site with no real place examines the cultural and landscape shifts which have been a major influence on my work’s aesthetic and ideas.  In the exhibition the sculptural forms are peculiar spherical objects with a planetary feel; they appear transitory, on the verge of collapse or reform. 


"Eurasia was an “uninterrupted landmass stretching from China to the Atlantic”. The theme of the utopia refers to unnatural divisions between the Eastern cultures with their nomadic and spiritual tendencies and the West with its materialistic outlook (1).  “Site with no real place” captures a utopian sentiment whilst also a form of pessimism associated with this process of colonial exchange. With the idea of progress having quickly decayed into a perverse ideal that has justified environmental destruction, imperial expansion and human exploitation, it seems appropriate to articulate this notion with forms that are equal parts familiar and unhomely. 


The installations represent an imaginative new place where the commodification of biological material, space and technology is visible.  The materials I work with

are simultaneously organic and inorganic; the categorisations between the two are denied and blurred as a deliberate ongoing strategy to reflect on multiplicities associated with materiality, culture and gender. (2)


1. Rosenthal, Mark, (2005) Joseph Beuys: Actions, Vitrines, Environments, The Menill Collection, Houston.

2.  Working from Gilles Deleuze’s and Félix Guattari’s influential texts, AntiOedipus (1972) and A Thousand Plateaus (1980), a number of thinkers in this area conceive of the contemporary subject as ‘multiple’, ‘becoming’ and in a constant state of transformation through its encounters with otherness.

I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the unceded land on which I live and work. I respectfully recognise Elders, both past and present.


November 17, 2020

Solo Exhibition 


18 Nov - 5 Dec 2020

Opening Night | Thursday 19 Nov, 6pm–8pm

ZK / U Centre for Art and Urbanistics - Residency June / July - 2020 - Berlin.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2019

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2019

The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize is an international prize for sculptures of smaller dimensions and has attracted strong support from artists, collectors, benefactors, critics, as well as the local community. The Prize was initiated in 2001 by Council to support, promote and celebrate artistic excellence. The 2019 Woollahra Sculpture Prize finalist artists are: Ali McCann (VIC) Alison McDonald (QLD) Ara Dolatian (VIC), Benjamin Jay Shand (NSW) Brenda Page (VIC) Carol Cooke (ACT) Carol Lehrer Crawford (NSW) Donna Marcus (QLD) Erica Izard (NSW) Jane McKenzie (NSW) Jane Price (SA) Jeffrey Wood (NSW) Jessica Leitmanis (VIC) Johannes van Nunen (NLD/NSW) Julie Monro-Allison (ACT) Julie Pennington (ACT) Kate Ellis (VIC) Kenny Pittock (VIC) Kieta Jackson (UK) Lisa Giles (NSW) Louis Pratt (NSW) Louiseann King (VIC) Luke Storrier (NSW) Mandy Quadrio (TAS/QLD) Mehwish Iqbal (NSW) Merran Esson (ACT) Natalie Rosin (NSW) Nathan Keogh (NSW) Neil Laredo (NSW) Nicole de Mestre (NSW) NOT (NSW) Oliver Ashworth-Martin (UK/VIC) Patricia Smart (NSW) Paula Dunlop (QLD) Peter Zappa (WA) Stuart Rex Mclachlan (NSW) Tai Snaith (VIC) Tina Fox (NSW) Toni Morrison (NSW) Tracey Deep (NSW) Ulan Murray (NSW) Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics (NSW) Wanda Gillespie (NZ)

EXHIBITION DETAILS: 12 October - 3 November 2018

Free entry Weekdays: 9am - 5pm Weekends: 10am - 4pm Woollahra Council, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay, NSW


Solo Exhibition, opening  Saturday 14th September 2019 


Stockroom Kyneton

98 piper street, Kyneton 3444, Victoria, Australia


Heterotopia, 2019, glazed ceramics, concrete, acrylic paint, resin, plastic, Williamstown beach sand. 
30cm high, 33cm deep, 33cm wide.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this annual acquisitive award and exhibition is organised by the Art Collection and Galleries Unit at Deakin University.
One outstanding work will be awarded $10,000 and become part of the Deakin University Art Collection. The winner will be announced at the opening of the exhibition of finalists’ work on Wednesday 29 May 2019.

Tiny World Reunion Exhibition

Tiny World Reunion

Saturday 23rd March 6-8pm (Opening Night)
Sunday 24th March 10am-2pm (Viewing)

The Wandering Room
208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)
Brunswick VIC

If you haven’t heard, former Brisbane-based artist-run initiative The Wandering Room is now Melbourne-based.  We are relaunching in 2019 with a program of exhibitions at the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets, Brunswick, at the back of an old milk bar. 

The first group exhibition to kick things off is ‘Tiny World Reunion’.   ‘Tiny World Reunion’ is a play on words using the three initials of The Wandering Room but also suggests a coming together of different scales and ideas as well as people old and new ―artists we have worked with in the past as well as recent connections.  

This exhibition features the artists:

Joseph Breikers, Ara Dolatian, Mary Hackett, The Ryan Sisters, Sha Sarwari, Haruka Sawa, Helena Sinclair and Madeleine Thornton-Smith.

Please join us at the opening for celebratory drinks!   

28 Beasts

You are invited to the opening of 28 BEASTS - a group exhibition beyond the white cube, critiquing the tradition of the art gallery. Within this domestic space you are welcome to explore contemporary installations across several rooms and adjoining yards.

Opening night: Saturday 2 February, 5-9pm
Exhibition runs: Sunday 3 - Thursday 7 February, 11am-6pm daily.

Ben Taranto and Jake Treacy

In the face of overwhelming gentrification and capitalist property development, this exhibition is steadfastly punk in its ethical disposition, calling to arms the poetry and politics of diverse local practices, and the spaces through which they are exhibited. The artists presented in this exhibition explore themes of memory and impression, flux and transformation, regeneration and disintegration and its effects upon the human condition, manifesting itself in our states of residence and how it may inform cultural identity. These seemingly disparate practices unravel uncanny correspondences through a suite of domestic installations, where from compartmental rooms seep 20 years of storytelling through share-house living. 28 Beasts dares the definitions of habitat, home, fear and freedom while exploring the states of nature, often through a dark lens.


In Motion 2018: Rhythm

n Motion 2018: Rhythm, is the third iteration of this biennial exhibition. It will open with a street event on Saturday 6 October 2018, 6-9pm, which will transform the galleries of AIRspace Projects Inc as well as the public and private spaces of Junction Street Marrickville into an eclectic and cutting-edge mix of art-in-motion created by over twenty artists.

AIRspace Projects

10 Junction Street, Marrickville, New South Wales 2204

Exhibition Opening and Street Event: Saturday 6 October 6-9pm
Exhibition continues until Saturday 20 October 5pm


Alicia King, Ara Dolatian, Callan, Farnaz Dadfar, Kate Robertson, Jake Treacy, Manisha Anjali, Marko Radosavljevic, Siying Zhou, Talia Smith, Tane Andrews and Yuria Okamura
curated by Jake Treacy

30 AUGUST - 21 SEPTEMBER, 2018




Utopian Tongues is a project that brings together an inclusive group of contemporary creatives through challenging and altruistic visions of tomorrow. Through practices of art, poetry, music, dance and architecture a set of utopian acts are performed within and beyond the gallery space.

Utopian Tongues transforms SEVENTH into a space for critical thinking and progressive discourse during the exhibition, questioning how we might ensure a better and more engaged future. Identity, culture, sexuality and spirituality inform these conversations of tomorrow through the agency of today, realising art as a conduit for potent change, transformation and healing. By amplifying and providing platform for these disparate yet powerful voices, the exhibition speaks of unity in diversity, interconnectivity and community; it invokes a space for reflection, yet also of action.

Narratives- Realties, fictionalising the present and contaminating the fantastical wilderness.


Opening night – 3rd August 


The exhibition runs to Tuesday 21 August. 

Open Mon - Fri  9.30am - 4.30pm


Biotic & Apparatus

Art in the Soil 

Biotic & Apparatus 

10 May - 6 June    2018 

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Lock St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Commissioned by Soil Science Australia 


Opening Wednesday 22 November, 6-8pm
Exhibition Thursday 23 November – Friday 15 December 2017

The Honeymoon Suite is pleased to announce the opening of Waves on Wednesday 22 November 2017. The exhibition includes a selection of artworks by Lauren Berkowitz, Fergus Binns, Ara Dolatian, Kristina Davidson, Ria Green, Virginia Overell, André Piguet and an unknown artist. Waves considers the integral and expansive subject of water. The exhibition will present various artistic interpretations of humanity's relationship to and reliance on water. 

|not|fair| 2017

[not|fair] is a hybrid of curated survey exhibition and commercial art fair. It puts the spotlight on artists of talent who have yet to emerge from the shadows. It challenges the established gatekeepers of the art world and offers new opportunities for artists and collectors.

Founded in 2010 [not|fair] is a not-for-profit foundation whose purpose is to help artists gain recognition. Originally launched as a satellite to the Melbourne Art Fair, [not|fair] is new model of fair that has the look and feel of a Biennial exhibition but all artworks are available for purchase. It is both a fair and not a fair at the same time.

Curated by |not|fair|’s original founders – artists Sam Leach and Tony Lloyd and writer Ashley Crawford – this year’s event will feature over 40 emerging artists set in a sprawling industrial factory in James Street, Windsor.


Not Fair opens 3pm till late, Saturday 11 November to Tuesday 14 November.

Hours of opening: 11am to 5pm daily

Stockroom gallery and Cremorne Studios are thrilled to invite you to the completion and launch of Cremorne Studios, Melbourne and the inaugural Stockroom Travels Exhibition Series.

Join us for this opening this Friday in Melbourne. it's going to be great with art, food, drinks and music.

Stockroom gallery and Cremorne Studios are thrilled to invite you to the completion and launch of Cremorne Studios, Melbourne and the inaugural Stockroom Travels Exhibition Series. Stockroom Travels Cremorne will show works by some of Australia's best contemporary artists including:


Stockroom Travels Cremorne will be running from 27 October to 17 November 2017
Thurs-Sat (or by appointment)at 17 William St, Cremorne, Melbourne VIC

Please come and join us on FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER from 6pm at Cremorne Studios for drinks, food, music and art to celebrate the opening of this exciting new space!

Art in Soil

Art in Soil is an initiative by the Queensland Branch of Soil Science Australia. Both art and science are carried out as cultural acts valuing their environments and creativity, harnessing sense, and seeking to provide change via abstract models of our world. Art in Soil follows 6 artists/collectives over six months as they create artwork inspired by soil. Artists: Robert Andrews, Elizabeth Kennedy, Kate Woodcroft, Caitlin Franzmann, Paul Stumkat, Lawrence English and Ara Dolatian.

This project is commissioned by Soil Science Australia to help raise awareness of the importance of soil health.



POP Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

27 Logan Rd Woolloongabba


Opening night: Friday, 15 December 2017, 6–8pm

Controlled Instabilities

Contemporary Art Space, Uruguay 


7th September - 20th November  2017 


Arenal Grande 1929, 11800 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay



thing in itself // das Ding an sich




19-25 Wellington St, Chippendale                                                                     

opening I 30 August I 6.00 - 8.0pm                                                                   

Exhibition I 31 August -10 September 2017

Fridays - Saturdays I 11.00am - 5.00pm                                                



 thing in itself presents new works by Ara Dolatian, Kath FriesHannah Rose Carroll HarrisZhu Ohmu and Kai Wasikowski. This exhibition is concerned with the hybridised and symbiotic relationship between human and non-human ecologies in the age of the Anthropocene. Acting as a provocation towards the destabilisation of humanist thought, thing in itself explores the poetics of viewing objects within the new geological age as artworks exist within an entangled ecosystem, exploring the mutually dependent web of living and non-living materials. This relationship will cultivate and degenerate as artworks adapt, transform and dissipate over the course of the exhibition.  



Progress & Passivity

Progress & Passivity - Solo Exhibition -  7 - 24 June 2017 - Five Walls Projects. 

1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray VIC 3011


Dolatian's work represents the relationship between cultural landscapes and the natural ecosystem. A hybrid ecosystem simultaneously resembles a semi functional apparatus, the model of a utopian city and a biological experiment. It also conflates a number of ideas around the themes of the studio and the laboratory and in turn social and environmental politics.

Anthropoetics of space

Anthropoetics of space, Stockroom, 98 Piper St, Kyneton 3444

Saturday 13 May - Sunday 4 June 



The work is an examination between shifting landscapes and ecological hybridity. The process of moulding and casting is used to capture different geological surfaces and textures, the method is used to generate three-dimensional work. The objects resemble ambiguous entities where the materiality suggests a mixture between organic and inorganic matter and display peculiarity and instability between completion in incompletion, fragmentation and unity.

Navigating With Uncertainty

Nov 23- Dec 7  Arcade   lvl 1/119 hopkins st, Footscray, 3011

work represents the relationship between cultural landscapes and the natural ecosystem. A hybrid ecosystem simultaneously resembles a semi functional apparatus, the model of a utopian city and a biological experiment. It also conflates a number of ideas around the themes of the studio and the laboratory and in turn social and environmental politics

Artist In Residence Centro Negra AADK Spain

Residency, AADK Spain, Centro Negra  27 Sep to 3 Nov

The work is an examination between shifting landscapes and ecological hybridity. The entities display peculiarity and instability between completion in incompletion, fragmentation and unity. The objects have geological imprints and archaeological fragments mixed with industrial materials.


25 Jun - 21 Aug 2016, Town Hall Gallery

Blurring the boundary between real and imagined these artworks challenge traditional representations of landscape and allow the viewer to imagine life in a new world.
Curated by Kent Wilson, artists include Andrew Mezei, Tony Lloyd, Connor Grogan, Christie Torrington, Alice Wormald, Kate Shaw, Ara Dolatian, Ben Taranto, and Kevin Chin.
360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122




Reflection as Ideological Hallucination - SOLO EXHIBITION



The forms in Ara Dolatian's installation simultaneously resemble a semi-functional apparatus, the model of a utopian city and a biological experiment. Influence by connections between architecture, urbanism and the natural environment, the artist creates biospheres containing life forms and water, predominantly indigenous plants and insects, to establish a dialogue exploring our personal and shared responsibility for biodiversity.



30 March- 15 April 2016, Seventh Gallery


Terrians is a sculptural installation capturing a hybrid landscape. The pieces are biomorphic objects casted from domestic & building waste materials. Assembled from cement, plaster, and wax, these sculptures have a circulating water system that flows through them- on a predetermined path.

Dolatian is interested in the cumulative growth of global land coverage through the ages and the encroaching impact on the landscape by human industrialization. The work is a reflection on ecological systems where the boundaries between the factual and fictitious are blurred- new formations are the product of both imaginary and economic desires.

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