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James Makin Gallery in Victoria

Melbourne, Australian

Ara holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) from RMIT University (2012) and a Master in Social Science Environment and Planning (2014). The interdisciplinary practice explores the relationship between cultural landscapes and the natural ecosystem. The ceramic works are hybrid ecosystems, models of utopian cities, and sculptural experiments. The work is also imbibed with numerous ideas centered upon conceptions of “the studio,” and the conceptual domain of socio-environmental politics.




2013-2014  Master of Social Science, Environment & Planning, RMIT University. 

2010-2012  Bachelor of Fine Arts – Sculpture, RMIT University. 


Solo Exhibitions


2025    Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

2025    James Makin Gallery 

2023    Heavenly Bodies,  James Makin Gallery 

2022   Entities,  Scott Lawrie Gallery, Auckland 

2022   Mythos of the Island,  James Makin Gallery, Melbourne

2022   The Land Between Two Rivers - By NGV Design Week 

2021   Artefacts. June, Blindside. 

2020   Site With No Real Place  Jan at C3 Contemporary Art Space. 

2019   Heterotopia, Stockroom, Kyneton, Vic. 

2018   Narratives- Realties, fictionalising the present and contaminating the fantastical wilderness. Melbourne 

2017   Controlled Instabilities,  Contemporary Art Space, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2017   Progress and Passivity, Five Walls, Melbourne.  

2016   Hybrid Terrains, Black Centre AADK, Spain

2016   Reflection as Ideological Hallucination, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.

2016   Terrains, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne.  

2015   Navigating With Uncertainty, C3 Contemporary art space. 

2012   Frame of Reference, RMIT Graduation Exhibition.

Selected Group  -  Curated Exhibitions

2024 Placed, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney 

2024 Pride, ANZ Gallery, Melbourne

2023 Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria 

2023 Jugs, Craft Victoria, part of Melbourne Design Week, collaboration with NGV Melbourne.

2023 Fred International, NGV  Design Week

2023 Pride, ANZ Gallery, Melbourne, curated by Camille Klose

2023 Vessels, Craft Victoria, Melbourne 

2023 Summer Show, James Makin Gallery 

2022 Amazon / Amazon, Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney  curated by Ashleigh Jones

2022 Sensations, Scott Lawrie Gallery, Auckland 

2022 Aotearoa Art Fair, Auckland 

2022 Conners Conners, Melbourne, curated by Vincent Alessi 

2022 Alter, Divisions Gallery, Melbourne, curated by Charlotte Watson

2022 Summer New, James Makin Gallery 

2021 Darlings, group exhibition, Curatorial +Co, Sydney

2021 Notfair Art Fair, Melbourne, Curated by Sam Leach and Tony Albert 

2021  Stockroom, group exhibition

2020  Firstdraft, Online Auction, Sydney. 

2019  Tiny World Reunion, group exhibition, curated by the Wandering Room. Melbourne

2018   Utopian Tongues, Seventh Gallery, curated by Jake Treacy, Melbourne. 

2018    In Motion 2018: Rhythm, presented by AIRspace Projects, Sydney.

2018   Biotic & Apparatus, Stanthorpe Regional Gallery, QLD. 

2017   Art in Soil,  POP Gallery,  Brisbane 

2017   Waves, curated by Charlotte Cornish, The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne. 

2017   Notfair, Melbourne

2017   Anthropoetics of Space, Stockroom, Kyneton.

2017  thing in itself // das Ding an sich ,  curated by Elyse Goldfinch, Wellington St Project, Sydney. 

2017  Stockroom Travels Cremorne Opening, curated group show. 

2016   Imagined Worlds, curated by Kent Wilson, Town Hall Gallery Melbourne

2015   Moreland Summer Show, Science Friction, Counihan Gallery Brunswick, curated group Exhibition

2015   Convergence, Kings Artist-Run, Melbourne.

2015   The Lost One's Gallery, curated group Exhibition, Ballarat

2015   Freak of Nature, curated group exhibition at Mailbox. 

2014   Assemblages, curated group exhibition at Manningham Art Gallery, Melbourne.

2013   Territories, First Site Gallery, Melbourne. 

2012   Crème, curated group exhibition at RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne.


Prizes  -  Grants  -  Commissions  -  Residencies 

2024 Winner, Bundoora Homestead prize, Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize. 

2024 Darebin Art Prize, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

2023 Omina Art Prize, Melbourne 

2022 Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Sydney 

2022 Arts Projects For Individuals and Groups, Australian Council for the Arts 

2022 Finalist, Lake Art Prize,  NSW  

2021 Incinerator Art Award -  Winner.  

2021 Creative Victoria Grant 

2021 Craft Victoria, Makers in Residence, online Residency.

2020 Covid-19 Quick Response Arts Grant -  City of Melbourne. 

2020 - 2024 City Of Melbourne, external assessor for Council’s funding programs.

2019 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. 

2019 Career Development Grant, Australia Council for the Arts. 

2019 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Awards.  

2017 Art in Soil, Queensland Branch of Soil Science Australia,  residency & commission. Brisbane.

2017 Exhibition development grant,  Contemporary Art Space, Uruguay, Montevideo.

2017 Highly Commended, Notfair 2017.

2016  Centro Negra,  AADK Spain, Residency.

2016  Spring Fashion Week, installation, commission.

2015  Navigating with Uncertainty, Darebin Art Prize Finalist. 

2015  ArtStart Career Development Funding Recipient. Australia Council for the Arts

2015  Nomad, Commission for Beaumaris Library.

2014  Assemblages, Toyota Art Prize Finalist.

2013  Territories, The Substation Contemporary Art Prize Finalist. 

2013  Nomad, Commission for Midsumma Festival and Moreland City Council

2012  RMIT University School of Art Collection.

           Private collections and commissions.






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